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Primary Distribution Design and Studies

Weiser Engineering provides consulting, and engineering design services for:

  • Industrial Grade Primary Distribution Systems

  • Industrial Grade Substations Systems

  • Unit-Substation Systems

  • Medium Voltage Motor Controls

  • Power Factor Correction

  • Advanced Relay for bus, line, or motor protection.

Softwares Utilized:

  • AutoCAD MEP

  • Revit BIM Modeling

  • Navisworks Manage

  • SKM Power Suites

  • AcSELerator Quickset

  • SEL SynchroWAVeEvent

Distribution Design and Studies

Weiser Engineering's experience in infrastructure or facility secondary distribution systems design allows engineers to identify arc flash hazardous and power quality impacts to the distribution systems.  Our engineers work closely with Owners to ensure safety, and uptime of their system is maximized.


We provide Secondary Distribution System Design and Specification for:

  • Low Voltage Switchgear Distribution

  • Low Voltage Switchboard Distribution

  • Motor Control

  • Power Factor Correction

  • Power Quality Correction

  • Advanced Metering

Softwares Utilized:

  • AutoCAD MEP

  • Revit BIM Modeling

  • Navisworks Manage

  • SKM Power Suites


Power Quality Studies

Weiser Engineering uses electrical power quality assessments to understand the underlying health of electrical distribution systems to ensure maximum uptime is achieved.  Metering distribution systems is an economical way to identify:

  • Harmonics Harmonics

  • Voltage Dips

  • Voltage Swells

  • Flicker

  • Unbalance

  • Motor Inrush

  • Grounding Discrepancies

  • Thermographic Surveys


Meters Utilized:

  • Fluke 435-II Power Quality Meters

  • Fluke 1750 Data Loggers

  • FLIR E95

Power System Modeling

Weiser Engineering models electrical power systems via SKM Power Suites software to perform:

  • Short Circuit Analysis

  • Equipment Evaluations

  • Protective Device Coordination

  • Arc Flash Hazardous Studies

  • Load Flow Studies

  • Transient Motor Starting Studies

  • Unbalanced Systems Studies


Ground Mat Design

Weiser Engineering performs ground mat Studies via SKM Power Suites software.  Ground mat systems are modeled to verify existing ground mat conditions and to provide proper design per IEEE Std 80 requirements are met. 


Models include:

·    Touch Potential Hazardous Studies

·    Step Potential Hazardous Studies

·    Ground Potential Hazardous Studies


Lighting Systems Design

Weiser Engineering models electrical lighting systems via Visual Professional software to calculate the photometrics of:

  • Interior Lighting Systems Design

  • Exterior Lighting Systems Design

  • Life Safety Lighting Systems Design

Construction Support Services

Weiser Engineering provides multiple levels of construction support services for projects ranging from bid assistance, and shop drawing review to:

  • Electrical Utility Coordination

  • Project Management

  • Electrical Equipment Procurement  

  • Electrical Inspections

  • Assist with Switching Procedures, and Method of Procedures

  • Protection Relay Programming, Testing, and Commissioning  

  • Electrical Equipment Startup and Commissioning


BIM Modeling

Weiser Engineering performs Building Information Modeling via Revit software in order to ensure electrical systems coordinate with other trades do not clash.  Clash Detection is performed with Navisworks Manage software.


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